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Jaxson Turns ONE! (Vestal, NY)

How has it been a year already?! It seems like just yesterday Jaxson’s mommy and I were packing up from a wedding at the Pumpelly House in Owego, NY when Kaileigh said “I might be pregnant!” A few days later I received a phone call while in Target from an incredibly excited Kaileigh confirming this awesome news. I was going to be an Aunty! (Again!)molly-jaxson-1-year-photoshoot-jen-pecka-photography-2It feels like he was just born. I remember sitting with him out in the sunshine a few days after he came home. He was such a sleepy little thing. And now he’s ONE and he fights naps and has just learned to throw things over his play pen while uttering an adorable “uh oh”. He makes the funniest faces and giggles uncontrollably when we play. He loves to give snuggles and smooches and gets pouty when we leave. (which KILLS ME! Sometimes I pretend I’m stealing him and we run out the door together. lol)

Jaxson’s personality is the best. He has so many “faces”. Like this one up above! molly-jaxson-1-year-photoshoot-jen-pecka-photography-7

Or this one where he acts super surprised! This is my new favorite face. molly-jaxson-1-year-photoshoot-jen-pecka-photography-8

Here’s the thing about using canvas backdrops. They don’t really work that great! Jaxson wanted to make sure I knew this fun fact so below is a picture of him showing me that canvas backdrops are not great for pictures but they ARE great for playing with. molly-jaxson-1-year-photoshoot-jen-pecka-photography-9molly-jaxson-1-year-photoshoot-jen-pecka-photography-10molly-jaxson-1-year-photoshoot-jen-pecka-photography-11molly-jaxson-1-year-photoshoot-jen-pecka-photography-12

Jaxson also spent a lot of time trying to run away from me. We had a lot of people packed into the room with us and he just wanted to say hello to everyone and play with the other kids!molly-jaxson-1-year-photoshoot-jen-pecka-photography-13molly-jaxson-1-year-photoshoot-jen-pecka-photography-14molly-jaxson-1-year-photoshoot-jen-pecka-photography-15molly-jaxson-1-year-photoshoot-jen-pecka-photography-16molly-jaxson-1-year-photoshoot-jen-pecka-photography-17

I absolutely love this picture. My dog Molly loves babies and she was so excited that everyone was over for pictures. She insisted being in a few shots. This picture is so precious to me.

After we finished taking some pictures of Jack Jack being adorable, we decided to make a huge mess. (Because, why wouldn’t you on your first birthday?!)

This cake was made by Janet Orr. (Custom Cakes Orr Party Planning) Jaxson clearly loved it because this thing was demolished by the end of the shoot.molly-jaxson-1-year-photoshoot-jen-pecka-photography-19molly-jaxson-1-year-photoshoot-jen-pecka-photography-20molly-jaxson-1-year-photoshoot-jen-pecka-photography-21

This is the face you see when you know it’s time to call it quits. The sugar has set in. Lol Oh buddy.

I just love this kid so much. I’m so happy that I get to capture all the big moments in our family!

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