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A Binghamton Engagement – Paige + Conrad

Meet Paige and Conrad! These two came all the way from Boston to meet up with me on a sunny morning for their engagement session.paige-conrad-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-wedding-photographer-2Both Paige and Conrad attended Binghamton University and met their sophomore year. They were introduced as friends and sometime during the second semester of their sophomore year, started dating. A year and a half after dating, they knew this was “it” and started making plans for their future. paige-conrad-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-wedding-photographer-3paige-conrad-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-wedding-photographer-4

Conrad had big plans for the engagement and wanted to propose on the 4th of July. However, a week before he was to pop the question, Conrad forgot to use sunscreen and burned his feet SO badly that he couldn’t even walk. Disappointed, he had to think of another way to propose to Paige that didn’t involve him being in agony. (Is it super terrible that I giggled at this story? It’s SUCH a bummer but really, I think it makes their story even better and all the more cute.)paige-conrad-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-wedding-photographer-5paige-conrad-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-wedding-photographer-6

A week after his plans had fallen through, Conrad decided to take Paige out for some ice cream and a walk and propose then. While walking they found a pretty gazebo on the water and he finally popped the question.paige-conrad-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-wedding-photographer-7paige-conrad-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-wedding-photographer-8

Paige and Conrad are getting married on October 7th of this year and I couldn’t be more excited! Their ceremony will be at the gorgeous Roberson Mansion in Binghamton, NY with a reception to follow at the Terracotta on State St. These are two of my favorite places in the Binghamton area!paige-conrad-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-wedding-photographer-9paige-conrad-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-wedding-photographer-10paige-conrad-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-wedding-photographer-11

I had such a great time spending the morning with these two. They were so much fun to work with and were super adventurous. I love how easily they make each other laugh. Laughter always makes for the best pictures!paige-conrad-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-wedding-photographer-12paige-conrad-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-wedding-photographer-13paige-conrad-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-wedding-photographer-14paige-conrad-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-wedding-photographer-15paige-conrad-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-wedding-photographer-16paige-conrad-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-wedding-photographer

Stay tuned for Paige and Conrad’s wedding day blog! We can’t wait to spend this amazing day with them both!

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