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Ivy + Booker’s engagement

I had SO much fun doing Ivy and Booker’s engagement session. I met them at Booker’s family farm and we hopped into a farm truck to head up a bumpy hill with spectacular views. I seriously love this aspect of my job. I get to go on SO many adventures.

Meet Ivy and Booker! These two met while completing their masters in education at BU. Their first date was a double date that took place at a mutual friend’s house on Christmas Eve. I’m told it was incredibly nerve wracking because they were “officially breaking out of the friend zone”.ivy-booker-engagement-session-jen-pecka-photography-10ivy-booker-engagement-session-jen-pecka-photography-12ivy-booker-engagement-session-jen-pecka-photography-15ivy-booker-engagement-session-jen-pecka-photography-24

Ivy knew Booker was “the one” very early on in their relationship but was absolutely sure during month 4. Booker beat her by a month saying he knew by month 3 she was the one he wanted to spend his life with. ivy-booker-engagement-session-jen-pecka-photography-31ivy-booker-engagement-session-jen-pecka-photography-33ivy-booker-engagement-session-jen-pecka-photography-45

While getting their picture taken in front of their newly purchased home, Booker popped the question. Ivy relayed that their family was there and it was perfect!

“My favorite thing about Booker is his sense of humor. He always tries to keep situations light and everyone loves him.”ivy-booker-engagement-session-jen-pecka-photography-60ivy-booker-engagement-session-jen-pecka-photography-62ivy-booker-engagement-session-jen-pecka-photography-68

“My favorite thing about Ivy is how she cares about us and our families. She is always thinking about other people.”


This puppy though! I was just as excited to meet this cute little fur baby as I was to do Ivy and Booker’s engagement session!ivy-booker-engagement-session-jen-pecka-photography-86ivy-booker-engagement-session-jen-pecka-photography-89ivy-booker-engagement-session-jen-pecka-photography-98ivy-booker-engagement-session-jen-pecka-photography-120

Ivy and Booker are getting married July 6, 2019 at Hope Lake Lodge in Cortland, NY. We are SO pumped to capture their wedding day for them! Stay tuned!

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