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Tarra + Steve (Scranton, PA engagement session)

Meet Tarra + Steve! I’m so happy these two booked me for their wedding. These fellow adventurers and I made our way to Scranton, PA to a park I’d never been to before. (Nay Aug – if you haven’t visited, go! Steve and I have already agreed it’s probably an awesome place to slay some fish! Side note: By slay I mean catch and release because I’m a nice fisherwoman. But also, pictures.) It was a chilly day but we still had a great morning exploring while taking their engagement photos.tarra-steven-engagement-session-scranton-pa-jen-pecka-photography-11

Side note: Can we just talk about how amazing Tarra’s hair is?tarra-steven-engagement-session-scranton-pa-jen-pecka-photography-2

Tarra + Steve met while working for the same company. They quickly became friends and friends evolved into a lasting romance.

These two have been together for almost 11 years after a first date that consisted of a 4-wheeler ride from the Town of Maine to the Octagon in Gleb Aubrey. They spent the night eating “romantic bar food” and then got a little lost on the way home.

A year later on Christmas day, Steve saved the best present for last and proposed to Tarra. tarra-steven-engagement-session-scranton-pa-jen-pecka-photography-40tarra-steven-engagement-session-scranton-pa-jen-pecka-photography-50tarra-steven-engagement-session-scranton-pa-jen-pecka-photography-51


Steve knew Tarra was the one when he realized how much they had in common. They both loved to go fishing, 4-wheeling, camping and hiking.

Tarra knew Steve was the one for sure about three months after they started dating. She said they were already best friends before they started dating and had a lot in common. tarra-steven-engagement-session-scranton-pa-jen-pecka-photography-75tarra-steven-engagement-session-scranton-pa-jen-pecka-photography-78tarra-steven-engagement-session-scranton-pa-jen-pecka-photography-81

Steve’s favorite quality in Tarra is the way she loves. “If Tarra loves something, she loves it with everything she has.” tarra-steven-engagement-session-scranton-pa-jen-pecka-photography-88tarra-steven-engagement-session-scranton-pa-jen-pecka-photography-91

Tarra’s favorite thing about Steve is his confidence and outgoing personality. tarra-steven-engagement-session-scranton-pa-jen-pecka-photography-98

These two are getting married on June 29th, 2019 at the West Branch Resort in Hancock, NY and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding! Stay tuned!

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