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Varsha + John’s Engagement (Binghamton, NY)

Winter may be coming to an end (at least I think it is? I still left the house this morning in a down vest so I DON’T KNOW GUYS! This is New York.) but I’m still swooning over this winter engagement session with Varsha and John. I could photograph these two (And Graham!) all day. There’s something about that winter light that just gets me. Also, Varsha’s dress is AMAZING!varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-2varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-7

Varsha and John met through a dating app and after a few months of Varsha “ghosting” John and John’s unyielding persistence, they met. When I asked how their first date went, Varsha told me that she was craving ice cream and John invited himself along. While telling me this story, I couldn’t help but laugh along with them because John was obviously REALLY interested and Varsha just wanted herself some ice cream. However, she said it paid off for the both of them because what started as an impromptu ice cream date evolved into hours of talking and a resonance that has kept them inseparable ever since. varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-8varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-9varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-37varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-39varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-43varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-70

Varsha jokes that when John bought Graham, it pretty much sealed the deal. But even if Varsha wasn’t joking, I would agree with her. LOOK AT THIS FACE! Graham is such a good boy. He followed us around and had the time of his life. I’m pretty sure we’re best friends now. At the end of our day I was loading up my equipment into the back of the car and Graham sat down right next to me like he was ready to go. He’s seriously the cutest, ever.varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-72varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-75

Also, check out that cooked smile. I can’t get over how adorable that fuzzy face is!varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-81varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-87varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-92

For any of my current clients and clients to be reading this, ANY time you want to bring your dog along with you (or any other animal for that matter) I welcome it completely! varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-107varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-114varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-117

Varsha and John really love to hike. A few years after dating they trekked up Gertrude’s nose at Minnewaska State Park. John got down on one knee and pulled out a ring pop. He immediately followed that up with an actual engagement ring but Varsha said she would have accepted the ring pop. Joke’s on you John!varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-120varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-122varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-127varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-131varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-140

When I asked John what his favorite qualities in Varsha were he replied, “So many to choose from but her sense of humor is up there. She’s my best friend. I enjoy living life with her by my side whether it’s hiking a mountain or watching tv. She makes everything better and more enjoyable.”varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-143varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-148

I asked Varsha the same thing. Her response was just as sweet. “John’s caring and selfless demeanor. He will go above and beyond to make my day better and always manages to put a smile on my face. Oh, and he cooks and cleans.” Emphasis on the cooks and cleans part. Are you paying attention gentlemen?varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-156varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-161varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-178

I had so much fun doing this engagement session with Varsha and John. They are the sweetest couple and I CANNOT wait for their wedding day! varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-193varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-194varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-201varsha-john-engagement-session-binghamton-ny-jen-pecka-photography-227

These two are getting married on August 31st of this year and Brittni and I will be there photographing all the big (and little) moments. Stay tuned for what I’m sure will be a stunning wedding!

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