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Zhaleh + Bill – Family Photoshoot in Ithaca, NY

Helloooo everyone!

I am so excited to share this blog with you. Normally my niche is wedding photography and I’ve been super busy this year but lately I’ve been taking on a lot of family photoshoots. I’m even planning for more mini sessions before the year is out. I think I can speak for everyone when I say covid has been and continues to be a real BUMMER and I think it’s really pushed me to value these smaller sessions and time with my own family as well.

With that said I also want to make it clear that if you WANT a family photoshoot but covid is a constant anxiety in your life, I have the gear to shoot from afar and am happy to wear a mask in order to make my clients feel comfortable. I also shoot exclusively outside in the fresh air. You just can’t beat that natural light.

Anyway. Onward!

Zhaleh and Bill are longtime clients of mine. I first met them while doing their engagement session at Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca. Since then I’ve photographed their wedding and a few family sessions. I adore them and their growing family and am always SO thrilled to see them.

Photographing toddlers can be trivial and I think a lot of parents opt out just because chasing them can be so much work but GUYS…this is what I train for. *Please take the time to envision me doing pushups and running drills while wearing brightly colored spandex and teased out 80’s hair.*

My favorite kind of photography comes in the form of fun candids and that’s basically the majority of what you get when you’re photographing small children. Sometimes that’s ALL you get. Luckily we actually did get some more formal portraits but the majority was candid.

I met Zhaleh, Bill and their adorable boys at Stewart Park in the afternoon when the sun was just right. I LOVED the lighting in these photos.

See? I told you we got some posed portraits. The boys don’t look THRILLED about it but they’re looking at me! In my book, that’s a win.
I think it’s so cute how Reign will just take Remi’s hand and traipse off. But Remi is not one to be led for long. Remi is a wiggler and a runner and it was clear he was enjoying having his freedom.This shot below made me crack up. This is typically what a shoot with toddlers looks like. Reign is a dreamer. He’s happy to collect sticks and think deep thoughts.We tried to recreate the same pose we did last year where Reign holds onto Remi. It didn’t quite go as planned but the outcome was pretty adorable anyway.And he’s off again!The look you give when you’re trying to be a good boy and contain your brother.The look you give when you’ve finally struggled free from mom and now you can RUN!We found an activity that was fun for all. I love the lighting in these pictures. Look at that sassy face. We made sure to do some pictures of just mom and dad too. I had such an incredible time doing pictures with Zhaleh, Bill and the boys in Ithaca. I’m so excited that family portraits are becoming more of a thing in my business.

I plan to offer more family portrait sessions in the near future around the Ithaca, Binghamton and Syracuse area.

If you’re looking for family portraits, feel free to hit the contact button and shoot me a message!

I’ll also be announcing Christmas mini sessions soon. Stay tuned!

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