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Kristina + Mike Wedding – Windsor, NY

Alright, the ridiculousness has to stop. I’ve been working on this blog for weeks and do you want to know why? Because I’m a nut and can’t settle on just 50 photos which is still a LOT of photos. I lost count after 150 for this blog. I’m really passionate about telling the story of a wedding day and the majority of that story is in the photos I’m so excited about creating. I want to share ALL of them. My clients usually get back between 750-1300 images depending on the size of the wedding and the allotted contract time. Even scaling it to 150 ish can be difficult. After this blog though, I’ve decided to pump the brakes. Well…more like take baby steps to not be such a crazy person about sharing so many images. It takes up SO much time and before you know it, there’s three more weddings that need to be blogged.

So from here on out I declare that I will no longer share SO many photos in my blog. I’m saying this out loud as well as typing it in an attempt to convince myself more than to convince you.

Is it working?


Kristina + Mike. These two beautiful souls were such a pleasure to work with. I’m not sure I’ve met two sweeter people and watching them interact was a sweetness all in its own. They love each other so much and it’s so obvious by the way they talk to each other, look at each other and interact. Being able to translate that kind of love into photos isn’t just a joy for me but it’s an honor too. What an important thing I get to do. I have so much gratitude for this life and the way I get to spend it. I always leave weddings feeling so uplifted and validated in my work. While my clients are busy falling in love with each other all over again during their wedding day, I’m busy falling in love with my work. I truly, truly love what I do and I strive to make that apparent in every image I take and edit.I don’t normally like to describe grown women as “adorable”. But I don’t know how else to describe Kristina. Her personality lights up an entire room and everyone around her. I can’t picture her ever having a bad day. There’s just so much goodness that radiates off of her. She made my job as a wedding photographer CAKE. It’s easy to see why Mike adores her as much as he does.
Kristina purchased her dress from David’s Bridal. I love the bead work.A few fun facts! This bouquet is made out of mostly wood by Cascade Queen. (I’ll post links below!) I visited the website and WOW. AMAZING.

Secondly, I like to take a bunch of photos of the bouquet on a wedding day. Like SO many. In fact, I’m sure a lot of couples are like “I think she REALLY liked the flowers.”


Most of the time bouquets wither and die, right? Typical flowers for ya. BUT! If you have a ton of macro pictures to choose from you can easily create a bouquet collage for your wall in commemoration of your wedding bouquet. I know how expensive flowers are so I literally do this at every wedding. I highly suggest metal prints for a collage because they keep their luster and really capture the rich colors. Plus, it makes for really cool artwork.
Kristina and Mike put a lot of thought into their details. Their ceremony and reception space was filled with cute little signs and flowery touches. I made sure the bounce around the tent before any of the guests arrived so I could get some untouched shots.Back into the house I went for those classic “getting ready” photos.Kristina had the best bride tribe!Flash is cool and all but you’ll never get those natural lit shots with it. I’m not saying I don’t use flash because I DO…but sometimes I turn it off to see what I’ll get and I’m blown away with the results. I love this natural lit shot of Kristina putting her earrings in.Wedding day necessities.Kristina and Mike chose to do a first look on their wedding day. It was such a sweet moment to capture.After capturing the first look my assistant, Brittni, and I bopped around the property with these two for some gorgeous wedding couple shots.If you’re wondering whether or not we actually utilized that rowboat in some of the pictures, the answer is HELL YES. But we were responsible and waited until AFTER the ceremony to do so. I told you she made my job easy. Kristina was such a gorgeous bride to photograph.I was really nervous about all of these guys getting on the dock for a picture. Even a few of the guys were like “Maybe this isn’t the best idea” but thankfully it all worked out and nobody fell into the muddy pond water. The wedding ceremony took place under the tent right where the dance floor would be. Even though it was a sunny day, this was genius because it was SO hot out in the sun. I felt bad for the guys in full suits. When will wedding day shorts become a thing? Kristina + Mike wrote their own vowes. SO sweet!Kristina + Mike were officially introduced as husband and wife by the awesome DJ Mike Melice. We love working with him! He’s such a great guy!The reception was so much fun and we had a blast shooting it. These are just a few of my favorite pictures…The donuts were from Jim Roma’s Bakery. Delicious!We took a quick break from the reception to get some photos in the rowboat. I love how these turned out.I had so much fun at this wedding!

A huge shoutout to these vendors who helped make their day so special! We highly recommend all of them!

Venue: Private estate

Dress: David’s Bridal

Catering: Gance’s Catering

Rentals: Taylor Rental of Binghamton

DJ: DJ Mike Melice

Makeup: Annie Sherrill

Hair: Styled by Shanique

Wood Flowers: Cascade Queen

Cake: Wegmans

Donuts: Jim Roma’s Bakery

Bar tenders: Sarah & Angelica (I’m still waiting for you ladies to start your own bar tending business!)



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