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Wedding Venue Tour – Start Anywhere

I have been so excited about creating this new website with blogging ability for ages. Now that it’s here, I’ve been fretting over my first blog post. I mean, the very FIRST and official blog post should be epic, right? I’ve been mulling it over and mulling it over. Do I do a welcome blog? Do I yammer on about myself? Should I just hit the floor running with my latest wedding or portrait shoot? How does a good book start? Who am I?

As you can see, I’m a bit hard on myself. It goes hand in hand with my slight OCD (where my business is concerned – not the state of my house or car as many close to me will tell you if given the chance – I swear. I’m trying you guys. Being an adult is hard. I can’t do everything fantastically! :-P) and my strive for perfection in everything I do. This often leads to the frozen deer in headlights mentality when I’m making the brave transition to something new.

So after some time of beating myself up about it, one of my favorite quotes popped into my head. “Start Anywhere” – Quite genius if you really think on it and the easiest of solutions.

So here I am. Starting anywhere. My first official blog post will shine light on one of the coolest trips I’ve had this season with one of my BFF’s in the wedding industry, Ashley from C & A Event Planning LLC.

chippy-white-table-ashley-c & a event planning LLC

Isn’t she beautiful?

After stuffing the front of the car with lot’s of “Mom snacks” and donning our rain gear as the day was miserable and dreary, we set off to our first stop! Fiddle Lake farms.

fiddle lake farms, pa

Fiddle Lake Farms

Fiddle Lake Farms

Fiddle Lake Farms is one of my most favorite venues. I shot there for the first time last year.

Meet two of my most favorite clients, Meganne + Steve. They’re so dreamy.


Fiddle Lake Farms is a rustic barn venue located in Thompson, PA. Not only do they have a beautiful lake house accommodation a hop, skip and a jump down the road, but they have a a rustic farm house on site as well. The farm house was built in the 1820’s and decorated with an eye for detail that translates class alongside rustic and vintage decor. The downstairs bathroom still contains some of the original wall paper. Being the giant history nerd that I am, I took a picture on my cell phone.

original wallpaper

Pam, the owner of Fiddle Lake Farms, was sweet enough to sit down with us and give us the entire run down of her amazing venue and what they offer. Even though I had already shot a wedding there, I was still so impressed with her presentation! I can’t wait to shoot another wedding at Fiddle Lake Farms and to work alongside her once more.



Our next stop was to visit the ladies of Chippy White Table in Tunkhannock, PA. Stella and Julie specialize in unique, vintage rentals. When Ashley and I walked into their little shop in downtown Tunkhannock, we felt so welcome and were in awe of their vintage, chic space. The ambience was such that I wanted to cozy up in one of the vintage chairs and eat cookies and drink tea. And you know what I did? I cozied up with this group of amazing women in a vintage chair and we ate cookies and drank tea.

chippy white table

Their selection is stellar. If you’re a bride looking to jazz up your wedding space with rustic, vintage or chic decor, you MUST seek out Stella and Julie at Chippy White Table!

Chippy White Table


vintage typewriter

One visit to their shop and you will be sold and most likely half in love with these two fabulous women.

Julie and Stella


It was such a wonderful visit and we were all fast friends. I am very much looking forward to our future lunch dates and correlation!

Our last stop was to visit Phillip at Endless Mountain Events. Phillip was such a great guy! Full of energy and so helpful. He covers all of the other necessary rentals such as (and I didn’t even know this existed!) tent air conditioning!

Endless Mountain Events

And napkins!

Colored napkins

And even popcorn makers and cotton candy machines which, in my opinion, should be at every wedding. (I’m a professional. I know these things.)


We had such a great time on this tour and are so grateful for each wedding vendor who took time out of their day to get to know us. You can find all of their information here!


Fiddle Lake Farms

Chippy White Table

Endless Mountain Events

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