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Katrina + Josh – A Walton, NY Wedding

Katrina and Josh met in high school during their Freshman and Sophomore year. Their first date consisted of dinner at Friendly’s and a movie at the Southside Cinema. They were best friends and spent an entire summer together. It was a sweet, summer romance that blossomed into what would turn into the dawn of a bright and sunny wedding day where Katrina and Josh would exchange “I do’s.”



When I asked Katrina how she knew that Josh was “the one” she responded with “I was seeing Josh for the summer and he had asked me out but I said not right now..we were best friends and I knew if we dated it was going to be a serious relationship like “this is it”. So I left Josh’s house to go home (after spending the whole summer with him) and all I did was cry. I was hysterical. I felt like I was missing a piece of me…so I sent him a text as I was crossing the bridge heading to college and said “yes..the answer is yes”. And it was at thay moment that I just knew I couldn’t live without him..I was going to marry that boy!” I asked Josh the same question. He stated that after a rough day he was going to call Katrina only to have Katrina’s sister respond with “You don’t stand a chance with her.” Challenge accepted! 9 years later, Josh recalls that it was at this precise moment he knew Katrina was the girl he wanted to marry one day and despite his lack of family confidence at the time, he was going to make this happen.

bridal dresswedding bouquetwedding shoeskatrina-josh-blog-wedding-walton-albany-photographer-8katrina-josh-blog-wedding-walton-albany-photographer-14katrina-josh-blog-wedding-walton-albany-photographer-13katrina-josh-blog-wedding-walton-albany-photographer-12katrina-josh-blog-wedding-walton-albany-photographer-11katrina-josh-blog-wedding-walton-albany-photographer-10katrina-josh-blog-wedding-walton-albany-photographer-9

Josh proposed on October 25, 2014. While standing beside their backyard gazebo, Josh knelt down to “tie his boot”. Katrina jokingly said “While you’re down there!” And stuck out her hand. At first, Josh was taken aback because he thought Katrina knew about the proposal. But when he pulled out the ring and showed it to her she was shocked!

On June 18, 2016 they made it official. Here are some of my most favorite shots from Katrin’a and Josh’s wedding day.

katrina-josh-blog-wedding-walton-albany-photographer-15katrina-josh-blog-wedding-walton-albany-photographer-16katrina-josh-blog-wedding-walton-albany-photographer-17Walking the bride to the ceremony




This picture was captured by my amazing second shooter, Kaileigh. I didn’t fully understand the significance behind Katrina’s excitement when she found out there was a dragonfly resting on her wedding dress during the ceremony but afterwards she told me that recently her brother and Josh’s grandfather had both passed away. The dragonfly symbolizes those who have passed so for Katrina and Josh it symbolized that their loved ones were with them on their special day. Katrina wore this special pendant in honor of her brother…



Recently I asked Josh what his favorite thing about Katrina was. He responded with “Her inner and outer beauty.”

I mean really, though…look at her. STUNNING!katrina-josh-walton-ny-wedding-fb-post-2beautiful bride!katrina-josh-walton-ny-wedding-fb-post-3

When I asked Katrina the same question she said “I love that Josh is a hard worker. He’s worked for everything he has.”

katrina-josh-walton-ny-wedding-fb-post-5the groomkatrina-josh-walton-ny-wedding-fb-post-6

Their ceremony took place at Hardwood Hills golf course in Masonville, NY. It served as a perfect backdrop for some gorgeous shots of Katrina and Josh.

katrina-josh-walton-ny-wedding-fb-post-8hardwood hills golf coursekatrina-josh-blog-wedding-walton-albany-photographer-29katrina-josh-walton-ny-wedding-fb-post-12catskills-ny-weddingkatrina-josh-walton-ny-wedding-fb-post-10katrina-josh-blog-wedding-walton-albany-photographer-30katrina-josh-blog-wedding-walton-albany-photographer-36katrina-josh-blog-wedding-walton-albany-photographer-34


Can we just take a minute and appreciate the one face in this picture that clearly thinks I’m a joke? LOL


katrina-josh-walton-ny-wedding-fb-post-14bridal party

Their reception took place at the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Walton, NY.


A special thanks to my amazing second shooter, Kaileigh Dunlap, and the other vendors that helped make Katrina and Josh’s wedding day so fantastic!

Ceremony: Hardwood Hills golf course

Reception: Delaware County Fairgrounds

DJ: DJ Clean

Cake: Debbie Condon

Florals: Nettys Flowers in Walton, NY

Dress: David’s Bridal

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