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Stephanie + Kurt – Wolf Oak Acres, Oneida NY

Stephanie and Kurt had a gorgeous wedding at Wolf Oak Acres in Oneida, NY (near Syracuse). The weather was perfect and these two couldn’t have had a better day. I fully equate this to not only their laid back and fun personalities but their exquisite taste in vendors. Wolf Oak Acres wedding venue and its staff always aim to please and with coordination by my favorite event planners, C & A Event Planning, the day was smooth as silk and aesthetically my dream rustic wedding. Choosing my favorite photos to share is always such a dilemma as I always want to share ALL of them. Stephanie and Kurt’s wedding was especially hard to pick and choose through but these are a few of my selected favorites!

First looks are becoming the new tradition with weddings and I couldn’t be more in support. It adds such an intimate touch to your day because you get to fully express yourself seeing each other for the first time without hundreds of eyes watching you.

stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-23stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-28stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-31 stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-51stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-2stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-4I really love that Stephanie and Kurt incorporated their kids into their ceremony. The sand part of the ceremony was touching. It’s a good thing I get to hold a camera up in front of my face the majority of the day. Admittedly, moments like these always get me. It doesn’t matter how many weddings I’ve attended, I still get choked up right along with the family members. When I say it’s an honor to do what I do, I really mean that. These moments are SO important and I’m so lucky that I get to capture them. stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-6stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-8stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-7stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-44stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-59stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-60stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-114stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-118stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-137Wolf Oak Acres has their own covered bridge. It’s such an epic spot for bride and groom portraits!

stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-61stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-63stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-68There seems to be a theme at Wolf Oak Acres. There’s a solid chance that if you’re having your wedding here, you probably have a huge truck that’s taller than even your tallest guest. It’s that redneck life and I dig it.
stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-76stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-80stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-85GOODNESS she’s gorgeous. One thing that I really loved about Stephanie was her level of badass. This girl looks stunning in a dress but 5 days a week she’s dressed in combat boots and camo and working proudly for the United States Military. She’s about a foot shorter than me and I’m quite certain she could still take me down. There’s nothing I love more than a woman in power who can still emanate feminine beauty. stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-90stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-93stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-97stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-102stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-105stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-106stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-108stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-109stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-112stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-114stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-4stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-8I love that the cake is displayed on rustic antique boxes. Decorations were done by A Mad Affair and I think they did a spectacular job!stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-10 This cake topper is perfection. Personalized cake toppers are always a yes. stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-11stephanie-kurt-wolf-oak-acres-syracuse-ny-oneida-jen-pecka-photography-192I love sparkler send offs! They are so much fun to do! I highly recommend that if you’re looking to do sparklers for your wedding you buy the long sparklers like these ones. They last a lot longer and they come out awesome in pictures!

A special thanks to these amazing vendors who helped make Stephanie and Kurt’s day perfection!


Dinner: Seymours –

Desserts: Desserts beyond the ordinary

Flowers: Marys4ever Flowers –

DJ: Black Tie Entertainment –

Day of: C & A Event Planning –

Decor: A Mad Affair –

Officiant: Tanya Keller

Hair: Holly Strickhorn

Make Up: Leah Barto

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