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Alice + Clayton – 1000 Islands Wedding

If I could, I would share this wedding over and over again. I am madly in love with Alice + Clayton’s wedding photos. I knew the 1000 islands was a beautiful place but WOW. Wellesley Island is where it’s at. I am completely enamored with the pretty cottages and the blue of the St. Lawrence river. I want to go back!

Alice + Clayton had a small wedding at Clayton’s family home on Wellesley Island. The light was absolutely gorgeous and the wind on this day was whipping. I wore a dress thinking it was would be a warm sunny day and would keep me cool but the wind coming off the river would have done more than enough in pants. I almost pulled a Marilyn Monroe a few times but I’m happy to report I left with my dignity and a deep gratitude for the drama the mother nature can put into my wedding portraits. I would rather have a windy wedding day than not any time.

The ceremony was short and sweet. It took place right outside the cottage and the St. Lawrence served as a pretty backdrop.

After the ceremony, Alice and Clayton took me on a gorgeous walk where we snapped some of my most favorite wedding portraits to date. The 1000 Islands is SO beautiful.

Even though I could have spent the ENTIRE day taking pictures of these two in this beautiful place, we traipsed back to the reception where the family was waiting. The after party took place out on an enclosed patio where there were delicious treats to snack on and, always my favorite, a pretty dessert table.

I thought this was so cool. A display of family wedding portraits.

The speeches given on this afternoon were some of the most touching I’ve ever heard. Each family member and friend who took a turn defined their speech with one word. For example, joy or hope. They all knocked it out of the park. I bravely hid my face behind my camera while I snapped away because these moments were so touching and I’m a giant sap.

I am so grateful I got to be a part of Alice and Clayton’s wedding day and hopefully I’ll be in the 1000 islands again soon doing what I love most!

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