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Jessica + Martin (The Orchard at Chenango Commons)

I am so excited to blog Jessica + Martin’s wedding!!! These two were so much fun to work with. They were so quick to laugh and so adventurous when it came to our portraits section of the day. They honestly made my job SO easy!

Our day started at the Doubletree in Binghamton. As always, I started my day off with the detail shots. These were Jessica’s reception shoes. Heels all day are super ambitious so it’s always a good idea to have a plan B for shoes at your reception. Dress by one of my most favorite dress shops, Dress Your Fancy. I love it when the flower girl spins. So stinking cute!Eyelashes for days!Jessica has the best personality. When we initially first met she had had a bad experience with another photographer so I had to work twice as hard to win this girl over. I was a little worried she would have some anxiety on the day of but if she was anxious, you couldn’t tell. Jess was full of laughter and completely laid back. Photographing her and capturing her excitement was so easy to do. Like I said, these guys made my job SO easy.Sometimes it takes a team, you know?While I was with Jessica and her bridesmaids, Brittni was with Martin and the guys.We knew right off the bat that this guy was going to be trouble. And he WAS. But in a really great and fun way. Things guys do before the wedding ceremony. The Orchard at Chenango Commons is a gorgeous spot to get married. Located in the northern part of Binghamton, this venue has it all right in one spot. The ceremony space is surrounded by an orchard of trees with lights strung back and forth to give it that dreamy look. The reception tent is steps away and there’s a multitude of photo opportunities around the property. Just wait until you see the purple flowers we found down by the river which runs along the border of this property. I don’t quite remember who these two were but they were so cute! When I first aimed my camera in their direction they giggled and made funny faces at me. But then I captured this shot and I thought they were so sweet. They definitely earned a spot in the blog!The ceremony began and the air was thick with excitement. My favorite part about Jessica + Martin’s ceremony was the fact that there was so much laughter. Laughter is the best thing to capture. First kiss as husband and wife!This wedding arbor is so pretty. I had to use it for some of their portraits. We also used this location for all the family portraits after the ceremony. I generally don’t share those to my blog because then there would literally be 1000 pictures on here and my website would probably crash. You’ll have to take my word for it that they were great.

These bouquets were created by Hillside Flower Girls. I’ve had a lot of weddings where they’ve been the florists. They do such an amazing job. 
I love this bridge. If you go to my instagram page and look at my highlights there’s actually a picture of me straddling the small creek that runs underneath so I could get these shots. I am not afraid to look stupid if it means I nail the perfect portrait. We tried the jumping shot. We really did try. And try. And try.The sun peaked out just long enough to get these sunny shots. Some photographers fear those harsh lights. I STRIVE FOR THEM! Harsh lighting is my jam and I love working with it to make pictures like this. It especially helps with black and white portraits.The Orchard at Chenango Commons also has sunflowers when it’s sunflower season. I love this sweet little location.Once we did a ton of bridal party photos, we put the focus on just Jessica and Martin. What a gorgeous couple! Jessica remained serious enough for these shots but the laughter could only be held in for so long. However, laughter makes for the best pictures.So pretty. Sometimes I like to have the groom hold the flowers so they don’t feel left out. These sunflowers though!Again, Hillside Flower Girls. WOWZA.Climbing down the hill to the river wasn’t easy. I struggled with it a little bit and I wasn’t in heels or a wedding dress. Jessica didn’t even blink twice and had no qualms about it. We saw these purple flowers and knew this place was gold for wedding portraits. I asked Martin to dip Jessica and this is the first time this has ever happened in my 11 years of professionally shooting…I laughed SO hard and made sure they re-created it so I could snap some pictures. Awkward wedding photos anyone?But he did eventually nail the dip. I love these pictures SO much.UGH. I CANNOT WITH HOW PRETTY THESE ARE!I asked Martin to pick Jessica up. “Under the butt!” And this is what he thought I meant…Martin was super fun. lolThe reception tent at this venue is stunning. The lighting is PERFECT. You don’t even need flash in this space. It’s so bright and airy. It literally looks exactly as this picture portrays it to look.Giant jenga anyone?This is a neat way to display seating arrangements.Introduced as husband and wife!
Jessica + Martin invited up their wedding party to partake in the first dance. The speeches were great. I love that Jessica’s feet don’t quite touch the floor.YUM! The mini cupcake dessert table looked delicious.I was half expecting Martin to smash the cake into Jessica’s face but he behaved.Jessica and Martin had a shot dance for their honeymoon fund.I love capturing the sweet moments at weddings.BEHAVE YOURSELF MARTIN.Ok, get ready for this. There was a legit cat fight over the bouquet. You better believe my shutter was snapping a million miles per minute.And the winner issssss! Check out all the flower petals falling off of this demolished bouquet.Brittni and I had so much fun at this wedding. A huge shout out to these vendors who made the day so perfect.

Venue: The Orchard at Chenango Commons –
Dress & Suits: Dress Your Fancy –
Flowers: Hillside Flower Girls
Cake and Cupcakes: Jaret’s Stuffed Cupcakes
Hair: Acacia Aveda –
Makeup: Latasha Williams
Food: Red and White Catering –
Wedding Officiant: Jay McGinnis
DJ: AP Entertainment –
Stationary: Deesigns by Dee
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