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Kaylee + Patrick (Rustic & boho inspired wedding in upstate, NY)

Ooooo guys! I am so excited to share this wedding day with you. Kaylee and Patrick had a DIY, rustic wedding in the country of upstate, NY and though there were a few blips along the way, it was one of the best weddings I’ve ever photographed. Hands. DOWN. Kaylee + Patrick’s entire wedding took place on private property. The back yard was the perfect little rustic spot for detail shots. I had to do multiple ring shots. I love how unique their wedding bands are. I forget the exact title of Pat’s job but he does forestry work so the fact that his wedding band is made of wood is perfection. Kaylee’s wedding shoes are amazing. I love converse. Add a little lace and voila! Wedding shoes.SO GET THIS. It’s your wedding day. You need to start getting ready. Your makeup/hair artist is supposed to be there. You’re trying to contact her and nothing. SHE GHOSTS YOU ON YOUR WEDDING DAY. On. Your. WEDDING. DAY. I seriously can’t believe there are people in the world who pull this kind of stuff. (And for the record, she never got back to Kaylee after the fact either. Go ahead. Be furious with me.) 99% of brides would panic and freak out and probably cry. I would definitely be that bride if that happened to me. But here’s the kind of person that Kaylee is. She laughed and just rolled with it. Her bridesmaids stepped in and completely took over. What an awesome tribe of women!Also this happened. Hilarious. The first look took place out in the same yard we did the detail shots in. Boutonnieres were made by Kate at Front Stoop Pocket Gardens. Kate also played the harp for the wedding. Double threat!You can’t even tell that Kaylee didn’t have a professional hair/makeup artist. She looked SO beautiful on her wedding day.
Bouquets were made by Hillside Greenhouses.Kaylee and her bridesmaids arrived by mule and wagon. Such an epic way to arrive to your wedding!Look at these sweet babies. They have the prettiest faces. This wedding day was super humid and it started to rain right as the ceremony began. Even though it was a rainy ceremony, it was still beautiful. Side note: I’m getting really good at shooting under umbrellas.First kiss as husband and wife!Right after the ceremony Kaylee and Pat, along with the bridal party, did a celebratory lap around the property in the wagon.
We had to start portraits here because I was obsessed with this backdrop. Patrick MADE this you guys. I love that boho look.
Such a gorgeous bride.We told Patrick that he was gorgeous too. This is Patrick being gorgeous.Are you really even friends unless you smell each other’s armpits? Flowers in your hair are a must for any country wedding.I love the details on this wedding arch. So pretty. I would hang these on my wall, honestly. It’s so cute watching these two play together.I like to double shots in black and white sometimes. I love a good black and white photo. This picture is so funny! Smile for the camera!Of course Kaylee would put her fingers up their nose.Patrick also made this donut wall. Like I said, the day was SO humid so some of the donuts fell off but you know what? FIVE HOUR RULE. Yum.And then THIS happened. I’m pretty sure this is the only wedding I’ve been to where the cake actually fell over. I’ve seen quite a few leaning towers of cake that were cut up BEFORE they could fall. But never this. However, it was fixed and Kaylee and Pat handled this not so little blip so well. In fact, stay tuned for just how well Kaylee handled it. (Brittni and I agreed we want to be best friends with this girl. She’s so laid back and so funny!)See? Fixed!This is how I like to canoe.The reception was wonderful and everyone had a blast. I love this picture. Patrick is like “WHYYYYY?” And Kaylee looks like a little kid who just got caught but is only a little sorry. Or maybe not sorry at all. DO YOU SEE WHY I LOVE HER?!This is how you’re *supposed* to feed each other cake on your wedding day. If you’re using a fork, you’re doing it wrong. I love these little favors. I’m so grateful I could be a part of Kaylee + Pat’s wedding. A huge thank you to these vendors for helping to make their day so special.


Food: Catering by Donnie

Bouquet and flowers: Hillside Greenhouses

Corsages + Boutonnieres : Kate at Front Stoop Pocket Gardens –

Harp: Kate Brittenham

DJ: Matthew Wilson

Decor, arch, benches and donut stand: Kaylee + Patrick!

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