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Theresa + Ian’s Wedding – Binghamton, NY

I met Theresa and Ian right before the pandemic really exploded and turned the world upside down. We spent a magical time on Cornell campus taking engagement portraits at the library and in front of Sage chapel. I adored them from day one and have loved taking this wedding journey with them. I am SO excited to write this blog and share the wedding day of Theresa and Ian.

Because of covid, they decided to have an intimate zoom ceremony and reception at their home in Binghamton, NY. Even though the size of their wedding was “small”, the sentiment and heart they poured into their day made it SO special. Family and friends zoomed in from all over the world to share this day with them and even though they weren’t there in person, you could feel the love and support they wrapped around Theresa and Ian on their wedding day. Theresa wore her mother’s wedding dress which I’m told required no alterations and fit Theresa perfectly. The day of her wedding she posted a picture of her as a little kid wearing this dress which Theresa said she did frequently as a child.  Over time the dress had yellowed so it was taken to Novello’s Dry Cleaning in Endwell, NY who did a fantastic job in bringing this vintage dress back to life.Pictured above is the mezuzah that Theresa and Ian used in their wedding ceremony. This one comes from Theresa’s Grandma Lillie who kept hers in her apartment in Flushing Meadows, Queens, NY. Though I’ve photographed Jewish weddings before, I’m still learning the customs and am so grateful Theresa took the time to explain these traditions to me. The mezuzah contains a little scroll with a written prayer that’s placed on ones door. Traditionally, they’re placed on every entryway to each room in the house. This one will be placed on Theresa and Ian’s bedroom door. The wedding band on the far right also belonged to Theresa’s Grandma Lillie. Theresa said that until she met Ian, she never really thought she would be married and often wore this ring so much that the etchings wore off. Before the wedding day, Theresa had the ring restored by Frank Longo who clearly did an incredible job. If you have jewelry you’d like restored, check out Frank!

(Side note – Grandma Lillie sounded like an incredible person so I want to make sure to include her in this blog post.  Theresa told me that she was valedictorian and worked as a ship architect for the navy in Brooklyn during World War II. Theresa wrote “She was kind, brilliant, and made me feel special and loved – which is how I want to make others feel.” I can tell you first hand that Theresa has done well by Grandma Lillie’s name because she has a certain knack for making you feel like the best version of yourself. My adoration for this woman has only grown over the past year and I have every intention of keeping her as my attorney AND as my friend because she’s also kind, brilliant and makes other’s feel special and loved.)
Ian isn’t Jewish so Theresa’s father loaned his own bar mitzvah kippah (or yarmulke) for the wedding ceremony. I love how much sentiment went into the details of this wedding. Theresa ordered 150 ranunculus from a wholesaler but said that they arrived late and many of them were dead. They were able to save just enough for her bouquet and then made a trip to the Wegman’s in Johnson City for the other bouquets which the amazing Colleen O’Hara put together. (SO many of my brides go to Wegmans for their bouquet flowers and I’ve never heard of one of them being disappointed. Just a fun little fact in case you’re not sure where to go for flowers. Theresa also said the florist was “SO nice”! )Matilda just Matilda’ing. She’s become one of my most favorite doggy models.
Theresa looked so beautiful in her mother’s wedding dress. I loved capturing how joyful she was getting ready.
Colleen was one of the few people who attended the wedding day in person. She was a kick ass MOH and a huge support. I watched her run around and take care of all the details to make sure the day ran smoothly. She was doing such a phenomenal job that I tried to convince her to go into wedding planning but no dice. I’ve got a slew of wedding clients who would pay a pretty penny for your attention to detail and ability to multitask Colleen! Theresa making a fashion statement in her vintage wedding garb and riding boots.
I got a few shots of Ian before they did their official “first look”. I love when couples do a first look.
MY FAVORITE PART OF THE WEDDING DAY! And you know I can never just choose a handful to share. Get ready to scroll.

These were taken right in Theresa and Ian’s backyard. They have a tire swing in their backyard. We obviously had to make use of it. Ian didn’t know what to do with his hand. This cracked me up. But honestly, somehow this works? I actually really like this pose. We had to take a pause because Matilida got a case of the squirrely squirrels and wanted to run around and play. Fiona also wanted to play but she was so quick that I couldn’t get a good shot of her. The ceremony began as every ceremony does which is with the procession. It was like Fiona knew exactly what she was doing because she joined the procession into the ceremony space PERFECTLY. I got a good chuckle out of this. Dogs are magic. Theresa’s parents are captured below. Theresa’s father is wearing a sweatshirt representing her law school. Can you tell he’s super proud of his daughter?The ceremony was performed by Theresa’s rabbi Van Lanckton and Judge Hon. Oliver Blaise III who are both dear friends.Normally there’s a first kiss as husband and wife at the end of the ceremony but Theresa and Ian had lots of ceremony smooches. Theresa and Ian shipped these cocoa bombs all over the world so they could give their guests hot cocoa to toast with. These are vegan, gluten free and made by Brooke and Becky of Sweet Bees Bakery & Treats. Find them on Facebook!After the ceremony Theresa and Ian were able to zoom with all of their family and friends. So many of them made beautiful speech’s and I loved being able to capture some of their reactions. I’m so happy I got to share this day with Theresa and Ian and even happier that I’ve made new friends along the way!

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