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Brianna + Dylan – Engagement Photography (Binghamton, NY)

I’m so excited to share Brianna and Dylan’s engagement shoot on the blog today! My winter engagement and portrait sessions are quickly coming to an end. I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks that mourning doves are starting to sound off the morning and I’ve seen a few robins bopping around. (Also, FUN FACT! I was today years old when I realized that mourning doves weren’t spelled morning doves. They’re always cooing in the MORNING so how does this even make sense? Mourning doesn’t seem appropriate to me at all. Ok, end rant.)

Anyway! I met these two on a very chilly day at Chenango Valley State Park near Binghamton, NY. I was thankful for all the extra layers I piled on but had to give serious props to Brianna and Dylan who definitely felt the elements a little more than I did but looked stunning anyway.
When I first started out shooting portrait photography the high sun used to be so intimidating. When you mix high sun with snow that reflects the light, I used to panic. Now it’s my favorite kind of light to shoot in. I really love light and airy look to photography. Overcast days are great too because then you can place people anywhere and the exposure will always be perfect but you can’t beat the kind of light that super bright sun creates.
I asked Dylan to spin Brianna around. It sounds like a simple request but with slippery shoes, not so much! No one fell or was hurt in the making of these engagement portraits.

It did make for some super cute shots.These two are so sweet together. Vintage looking engagement rings are my absolute favorite. Sooo beautiful!Custom hand crafted engagement or wedding signs always make for a great picture. Especially for save the dates!

I’m so happy I could spend some time with these two traipsing all over Chenango Valley.

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