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Nicole + Lonny – Rustic Wedding in Deposit, NY

I am so excited to share the first wedding of my 2021 wedding season!

Nicole and Lonny were married right on their farm in a working greenhouse that they had converted to a temporary wedding space. No one in my 11 years of shooting has ever done anything like this so I was extra stoked to show up and capture something new. Margaret and Lynn were super excited to put on their dresses and get ready to “make Dad cry.”I love that the bouquets were mostly made of pine with just a few white flowers sprinkled through out. The bouquets were made by Kaybirds in Hancock, NY. They did a beautiful job!I was super excited to walk into the green house to see how they had decorated. Lonny had said that there were a few small gardens within that he couldn’t bring himself to be rid of for the wedding so they stayed put. Personally, I was more charmed that there were still plants growing in the green house. The ceremony was short and sweet. Only a very small number of family witnessed the ceremony first hand due to covid but, like most micro weddings these days, there was a laptop set up for the rest of family and friends to zoom in. The girls REALLY wanted Lonny to cry. First kiss as husband and wife!

I learned at their engagement/family photoshoot that the girls love to see Nicole and Lonny kiss. They get all giggly and yell “KISS HER!”

So what you’re seeing is a couple of giggly girls wanting them to kiss again. Such a cute little family.We went outside for some more pictures but the day was frigid. The girls didn’t last more than 5 minutes before they went running back into the heated greenhouse. I don’t blame them at all. It was soooo cold!I wanted to make sure I got a picture of them in front of the Catskill Cattle Company sign on one of their barns.

Lonny has been farming since he was a child and moved onto this farm in 2007. At any given time there are up to 100 cattle and pigs as well as expansive gardens where they grow everything from brussel sprouts, sweetcorn, salad greens, herbs, pumpkins etc. etc. The list goes on and on!

They have a farm stand right on their property where you can purchase the above mentioned as well as homemade pies and maple syrup products made by other members of Lonny’s family.

They also frequent the Binghamton Farmer’s Market on upper front street and run a CSA twice a year through Binghamton University. They also provide produce and beef to local schools.

Farmers are my favorite people, hands down. I’m such a huge fan of Lonny and Nicole and am so pumped to bump into them when I’m at the Binghamton Farmer’s market. (Which, coincidentally, ALSO doubles as a wedding venue!)It was such a windy day and while we were out in the frigid weather a snow squall was making it’s way towards us.

This is Lonny enjoying the wind. He’s such a funny guy.

We made sure to head across the street into the field but the wind was relentless. We eventually had to put Nicole’s veil on timeout so we could take more pictures.
Such a beautiful bride!

I was so cold taking these pictures that I couldn’t feel my fingers. I like to think I’m outside quite a bit but Nicole didn’t even flinch at the icy gusts battering us in the field. Nicole told me she’s outside all the time so she’s used to the weather. I clearly need to get out more.These are some of my most favorite wedding portraits.I love this photo because it looks like Nicole fell from the sky and Lonny is catching her. This cake was made and gifted to Nicole and Lonny by a talented soul named Linda Martin in Walton, NY. Nicole tells me she also did the alterations on hers and Margaret’s dresses.My mouth waters every time I look at these photos. I’m tempted to go dump sugar on the fruit I have in my fridge to see if I can mimic how absolutely delicious this looks. Nicole and Lonny’s wedding wasn’t catered. The entire family pitched in to bring (INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS) food and homemade cookies.
I’m ending the blog with this picture because it’s one of my most favorites. I’m not sure if they’re Margaret’s or Lynn’s shoes but there’s something about pretty princess shoes strewn among old husks and covered in mud. It’s just the cutest.
I’m so happy I could capture Nicole and Lonny’s wedding day. It was perfect and I loved every second of it.

Now go visit their farmstand in Deposit or visit their table at the Binghamton Farmer’s market!

I’ll see you there!


Wedding Dress: Lulus –

Arrangements/Bouquets – Kaybirds –

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