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Hudson Valley Engagement Shoot

Kristen and Casey’s wedding is finished but before I blog that I HAD to blog their engagement session because it’s just too stunning not to. I just want to share these pictures forever. Between this gorgeous location in the Hudson Valley, the high sun (which is some of my favorite light to shoot in) and Kristen + Casey being the perfect models, this shoot is the perfect example of what I’m aiming for every time I pack up my camera gear for a shoot. I also just want to spend more time in the Hudson Valley because I’m in love with this area.

The day before this engagement session I threw my back out doing absolutely nothing. Getting from the ground up involved carefully concealed caveman sounds and a little extra time. At certain points I had to walk in a slightly bent position. I have never thrown my back out like this before and of course it had to be right before a long drive to the Hudson Valley and an engagement session that involved a short hike. The reason I’m telling you all of this is because I do some of my best work when I’m not ship shape and it absolutely cracks me up. You can do the greatest things even when you’re having a day where you’re 36 going on 86. I almost considered not going because I was scared I wouldn’t be able to get out of the car if I drove the 2.5 hours to this location. I gave Kristen the heads up but decided to just see what happened when I got there. I like to roll the dice sometimes! If hadn’t, the light wouldn’t have been the same. We probably wouldn’t have gotten a cloudless day. The vibes probably would have been different. I was willing to accept that Kristen and Casey might have to drag me out of the car in a seated position in order to be here. Totally worth it! I’m so happy it didn’t come to that though and I had the BEST time, crooked back and all.

After my arrival I took a few minutes to stretch my back out and stroll around the property since I had a short while before our session started. I was immediately impressed with the park and took note that I needed to be in the Hudson Valley more for engagement sessions and weddings. The river and surrounding cliffs are picture perfect and the nearby railroad with its busy commuter trains chugging along through the trees really set the mood for me. What is it about trains that make me feel instantly charmed? I recently went to a model train show where the majority of the owners were well into their 80’s and I totally get it. I’m also starting to see a theme here…the crooked back, the sudden love for trains…pretty soon it’ll be crochet hooks and the latest AARP newsletter. Maybe I’ll see if they need a photographer.

After Kristen and Casey arrived we traipsed up the hill to the place where Casey proposed. I was awe struck and had no idea the views that awaited me. I thought the entrance to the park was beautiful and this was completely unexpected. The cherry on top was this incredible couple dressed to perfection and an absolute dream to photograph. Some of these photos remind me of old Hollywood, especially the black and white portraits.

The Hudson Valley is definitely one of my most favorite places to shoot now.

I can’t wait to share Kristen + Casey’s wedding next! They were married upstate at Gilbertsville Farmhouse and the wedding was incredible. Stay tuned!

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