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Old Forge ADK Family Portraits

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that the ADK is where my heart is, especially the Old Forge and Inlet area. I’m up there at every opportunity and was thrilled when Lauren sent me an inquiry asking about family portraits within the Adirondack League Club. I thankfully found some coinciding time with their vacation to skip away and off we went. My husband and I packed up the dogs and a new tent we needed to test out and set up home for a few days at Limekiln Lake campground. If you’ve never been to this campground, I highly recommend checking it out.

The next afternoon I arrived at a beautiful camp on Little Moose Lake and met this adorable little family. Hudson was a little shy at first but it didn’t take long at all before he came out of his shell and became my little buddy. It was so much fun interacting with him and photographing his silliness.

I’ve had quite a few inquiries this year from families on vacation and wanting family portraits done. I’m so happy I’m finally in a place within my business and with Lily Moon to say yes. If I had a year like last year I would have missed out on so much already! I love being able to capture these special little slices of life that go by so quickly. It was just yesterday my own little chunky baby was playing in the Fulton Chain in her swimmies and now she’s 15 with her first job. Alls you have to do is blink and they’re teenagers.

The dock pictures were some of my absolute favorite. We had a high sun kinda day but that’s actually my favorite kind of light to shoot in. It gives the photos that light and airy feel that I’m always chasing. Believe it or not, that’s not just an editing style. Mother Nature has to agree that you’re going to get light and airy. Thankfully she was on our side for this one.


Hudson loves to be in the water so we ended the photoshoot with some good old fashioned Adirondack swimming. Some kids are fearful of the water but Hudson marched right in and was ready to dunk.

I’m so happy I got to do these family portraits and can’t wait to do more family portraits with ADK families! <3

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Jen Pecka Photography – Adirondack Photographer