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Roksolana + Danylo – Cazenovia, NY

Meet Roksolana and Danylo!roksolona-danylo-engagement-session-cazenovia-ny-chittenango-falls-wedding-photographer-jen-pecka-photographyThese two met me in Cazenovia, NY at Chittenango falls. I had never been to Chittenango (let alone was aware that this park even existed!) so I was excited to hike around with this gorgeous couple and take some pictures. roksolona-danylo-engagement-session-cazenovia-ny-chittenango-falls-wedding-photographer-jen-pecka-photography-2

These two met on and spent their first date in a restaurant in Syracuse. They had so much in common and the conversation just kept on flowing.

They brought their sweet little fur baby, Dixie,  to hike with us. Dixie probably had the most fun out of all of us. Look how she poses for the camera!roksolona-danylo-engagement-session-cazenovia-ny-chittenango-falls-wedding-photographer-jen-pecka-photography-4


Danylo realized Roksolana was the one while they were laying down new flooring in a rental apartment. Danylo decided to take a break and laid down on the floor. Roksolana laid down next to him and Danylo said “I finally know what the woman of my dreams looks like.”

When I asked Roksolana how she knew Danylo was the one she responded, “I was getting ready to drive to Buffalo for my friends wake, who he did not know. I would spend a whole day driving there and back. And he said that he wanted to go with me. He said, ‘We are in this together, you don’t have to do things alone anymore.’ ”

Is anyone else swooning right now? Goodness. roksolona-danylo-engagement-session-cazenovia-ny-chittenango-falls-wedding-photographer-jen-pecka-photography-10roksolona-danylo-engagement-session-cazenovia-ny-chittenango-falls-wedding-photographer-jen-pecka-photography-11

Roksolana and Danylo spend a lot of time hiking so Chittenango falls was completely their element. They were so adventurous! Danylo saw this log and suggested going out on it for some pictures. I laughed thinking he was joking but they went right out and it was PERFECTION. (I got to play in the water too which was so much fun!)


Aww, Dixie! Look at that cute little doggy smile! I’m so happy when my clients bring their pets along!roksolona-danylo-engagement-session-cazenovia-ny-chittenango-falls-wedding-photographer-jen-pecka-photography-9

When we hiked to the bottom of the park where the main falls are, it took my breath away. Roksolana put it best when she said it looked like something out of a movie. It was almost like being in the jungle. These pictures are wonderful but there is no comparison to the drama and magnificence of Chittenango falls up close and personal.


After a year and a half of dating, Danylo proposed while on a family vacation in Florida. They were taking a walk on the beach an picking out sea shells when Danylo pulled out his bag and asked if Roksolana wanted her sea shells back. Instead of handing her back the shells, he gave her a ring.roksolona-danylo-engagement-session-cazenovia-ny-chittenango-falls-wedding-photographer-jen-pecka-photography-25roksolona-danylo-engagement-session-cazenovia-ny-chittenango-falls-wedding-photographer-jen-pecka-photography-16roksolona-danylo-engagement-session-cazenovia-ny-chittenango-falls-wedding-photographer-jen-pecka-photography-17roksolona-danylo-engagement-session-cazenovia-ny-chittenango-falls-wedding-photographer-jen-pecka-photography-18

Danylo most admires the fact that Roksolana is always excited to try new things. She also never gives up when things get tough.


Roksolana loves that Danylo is so active. She says he’s always hiking, biking, kayaking and doing things outdoors. She also says she loves that he has a good work ethic and takes care of his responsibilities. Roksolana says this really inspires her. Danylo is also supportive and they’re always doing things together.

roksolona-danylo-engagement-session-cazenovia-ny-chittenango-falls-wedding-photographer-jen-pecka-photography-21roksolona-danylo-engagement-session-cazenovia-ny-chittenango-falls-wedding-photographer-jen-pecka-photography-22roksolona-danylo-engagement-session-cazenovia-ny-chittenango-falls-wedding-photographer-jen-pecka-photography-23roksolona-danylo-engagement-session-cazenovia-ny-chittenango-falls-wedding-photographer-jen-pecka-photography-24Roksolana + Danylo are getting married at the Sacred Heart Ukrainian Church in Johnson City, NY with a reception to follow at Traditions at the Glen on October 27th of this year. I am so excited to share this special day with them!


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