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Paisley’s Cake Smash

When Tia asked me to do Paisley’s one year cake smash, I was thrilled! I’ve been doing pictures for Tia and her husband Derek for years now. Being able to watch their little family grow and capture all the big moments is an honor and I have loved every second of it.


It seems like just yesterday I was doing Harper’s cake smash. (Paisley’s awesome big sister.) They told me that Paisley and Harper are not alike at all. Whereas Harper loves to dress up, Paisley is not about that life. Paisley also spent a lot more time studying me whereas Harper was my BFF from day 1. We still were able to get lots of happy faces though! Especially when Mommy and Daddy stepped in. I love all the pictures of Paisley looking at her parents. The adoration is so obvious.

paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-2Tia putting on Paisley’s headband “Now let’s see how long she’ll actually keep this on for.”paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-4paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-5paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-6Round 4 with trying to keep the headband on!
paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-7paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-8paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-9Paisley and her big sister, Harper. I can’t believe how big Harper is getting. It was just yesterday I was doing her newborn pictures. I think these sisters look a lot alike but I was told no one ever says that. I can see it!
paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-10paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-11I love this picture of them. They’re so stinkin’ cute!paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-12The out takes are always the best when I take pictures of babies. This is literally what 90% of my job looks like. Sure, sitting in one place is fine for a minute but there are things to see and do!paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-13I love these pictures. Breast feeding is such a beautiful thing. Harper also told me “It’s ok! You can see my mom’s boobs!” lol She cracks me up so much. paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-14Tia’s sister who has been named “Aunt Sissy” made this gorgeous cake for Paisley’s cake smash. She did a FANTASTIC job!paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-15paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-16Paisley must have thought so too because she was very delicate about the “smash” part.paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-18paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-21paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-22paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-23paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-24paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-25paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-26Again, I love how she looks at her parents. SO CUTE!! It’s definitely more fun when mom and dad step in and help!paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-27paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-28paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-29Hey there glitter toes!
paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-30paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography-31I’m including this picture too because it’s too adorable not to. Harper loves her daddy! A planned photoshoot is always great fun but it’s the candid and unexpected pictures that keep my artistic juju flowing. I love these “lifestyle” like pictures.paisley-cake-smash-greene-ny-photography-jen-pecka-photography

I had so much fun doing pictures for this little family again!

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