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Maple Shade Farm – Catskill Wedding Venue

Hello world!

I’m trying to make more of an attempt to blog about things other than specific weddings. When I was mulling over in my head what would be a great topic, I decided to settle on a vendor spotlight since I’ve been working on a special album for one of my most favorite wedding venues, Maple Shade Farm. If you’re a bride or groom aiming to host your rustic wedding in the Catskills, this blog is for you!

Maple Shade Farm is nestled in the Catskill mountains and is, by far, one of my most favorite wedding venues in the Catskills. Not only is the actual aesthetic of the property gorgeous and perfect for any rustic wedding, but the owners are delightful. I met Abby and Jay years ago while shooting my first wedding at Maple Shade Farm. They were helpful, available on site, FUN, down to earth, awesome human beings and I adored both of them immediately.

I hate to say it but not all venue owners understand the importance of lifting everyone up, networking or working together as a team. Jay & Abby not only understand the importance of being cohesive with their wedding day team but they go above and beyond for their clients. I’ve never met a client who didn’t rave about them. Honestly, I’ve never met a vendor who didn’t rave about them too. Their reputation is flawless and I don’t even think they’re trying that hard. I think they’re just genuinely good people who know how to run a masterpiece of a wedding venue.

Aside from how wonderful Jay and Abby are, the venue is breathtakingly beautiful. I have a great love for history, old spaces and barns in particular. Farmers basically used to run America and now we live in a world where everything is mass produced and our famers have dwindled. Many of these big, beautiful spaces are falling down and the history that literally built us is disappearing. Thankfully, those looking to have a gorgeous space for their wedding day have also recognized the beauty of these spaces and rustic barn weddings have become a common theme. I really hope this is a fad that never fades. I’m not sure if brides and grooms really realize that they’re actually assisting in keeping these beautiful, historic places alive.

One thing I really love about this wedding venue is the attention to detail. As a wedding photographer, I try to capture ALL the little details and Maple Shade Farm has detail shots for days. The rustic aesthetic of this place is spectacular and the barn along with its surrounding spaces are expertly decorated.

The Catskills are known for being mountainous and a little wild. Geographically, Maple Shade Farm has struck gold. Located in Delhi, NY the views from this wedding venue give you that hilly landscape in one direction and then a gorgeous view of rolling land in the other. The cherry on top is the rolling land spreads out to the west which is an epic backdrop for beautiful sunsets. You can’t beat that golden light hour at Maple Shade Farm.

If you’re lucky enough, a storm will roll through and give you an opportunity to capture some epic sky backgrounds. I’ve only had a handful of thunderstorms happen on wedding days and it’s always super exciting to capture something a tad on the dramatic side.


The reception space is split between two levels. Upstairs, tables are meticulously set and lights are strung across the barn to give it that quiet, romantic glow. Downstairs you can find a dance floor, multiple seating areas for your guests to mingle, a bar, a game room, a space specifically for desserts and wedding favors as well as an additional space for tea, coffee, cake and more desserts. I have a massive sweet tooth so I’m naturally drawn to these areas.

If I haven’t convinced you already to book your wedding here, I highly recommend heading over to Maple Shade Farm’s website to book a tour. You can also explore my past blogs I’ve posted that feature Maple Shade Farm to get a better idea on the landscape as I generally post between 100-150 pictures per blog. I’m excited to return to Maple Shade this summer and am actively booking for 2023!

Best wishes on your wedding planning!

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