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Sam + Nich – Maple Shade Farm – Catskills Wedding

YOU GUYS! I am so excited to blog Sam + Nich today. These two had the most magical wedding at Maple Shade Farm in Delhi, NY. This gorgeous venue is tucked into the Catskills on the most gorgeous property. It is the perfect place for a rustic wedding.

If any wedding could be defined by its details, it’s this one. Sam had a ton of getting ready details. If I shared all of them on this blog it would probably crash my website. I did all I could do to contain myself sharing the reception details (just WAIT until you get to that portion of this blog) and contain myself I did not. There was just way too much to share.

As always, we began the day with getting ready pictures.
Sam really loves Disney so there were touches of that through out their wedding. I love this ring holder.Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.I love Sam and Nich’s dog. SO CUTE!I find it ironic that Sam is such a Disney fan and her daughter is the living version of Ariel. She is such a beautiful girl and I’m so envious of her gorgeous hair!

I have a daughter who’s the same age so it was funny listening them go back and forth while they were getting ready. In my head I was thinking “Thankgod it’s not just me.” lol ALL my love to Mom’s with teenage daughter’s right now. This was the MOST suspenseful opening of the champagne I’ve ever seen. I must have snapped 1000 pictures to ensure I didn’t miss the actual moment it popped. Thatta girl.Sam + Nich each wrote each other a letter before the wedding ceremony.Sam also did a first look with her dad. This was such a sweet moment. While I was with Sam, Kelsey was off with the guy and best woman.My absolute favorite shot!

The ceremony was held out by the pond. The day was sunny, warm and just windy enough to keep things comfortable.Nich’s face when seeing Sam for the first time. They surprised Sam’s daughter by including her in the ceremony. She was so shocked. This moment had me tearing up. First kiss as husband and wife!I shot a couple of candid moments before we started the portraits.

OK MODEL.Sassy AF.Just a quick break to sign the wedding license.We worked with Next Adventure Films who I LOVE. Ashley is incredible and we play so well off of each other. We have a great dynamic taking turns giving directions to the bridal party and it makes for some awesome portraits.Maple Shade Farms has the perfect setup. The valley their in is in perfect proximity so you get the sun filtering through the trees in such a delightful way. I can never stop snapping pictures when I have this kind of lighting to my advantage.Sam’s bouquet was created by Abby, one of the owners of Maple Shade Farm. She always does an incredible job.I’m not even joking, I have probably over 50 shots of Sam spinning. It was such gorgeous lighting and her dress was AMAZING for spin pictures. Shoutout to Lambs Hill Bridal Boutique where she purchased this gem.It’s crazy to see how much light can change your photo. Over the years I’ve adhered to the sun’s rules and I love the images taken in such strong sunlight.
The reception space at Maple Shade Farm is brilliant. There are SO many details thanks to Jay and Abby’s impeccable eye. We took a TON of detail shots at this wedding.After the speeches and dinner we ran back outside for some sunset photos. These came out better than I could have imagined. I’m so in love with these.The reception was so much fun. At Maple Shade Farm there are two levels. The upstairs is mostly a dinner space while the downstairs features an open space for dancing and multiple lounge areas as well as a bar and a gaming area. This gorgeous cake was made by Maryann Woznick Owens. Her business name is Cakes by Maryann. She is SO talented. This cake was awesome.Just when I thought the cake cutting shenanigans were over, Nich caught a cupcake to the face. I’m pretty sure it was his sister who did it and not Sam though. It was hilarious regardless of who stuck it there. And it did stick.Too funny.I either have a year where no one does the garter and bouquet or a year where everyone does it. This year, everyone was down with the garter and bouquet events. The hilarious part of this whole thing though was that there were NO single guys! Notta one. Nich was going to throw the garter but there was no one to throw it to. I have never seen that happen before! I loved every second of this wedding. I’m honestly sad that it’s over but I can’t wait to head back to Maple Shade Farm next year! A huge shoutout to Abby and Jay for doing a fantastic job as always.

Also a huge thank you to my second shooter, Kelsey, for rocking this day with me!

And to these vendors who helped make their day every bit as perfect as it was…

Venue: Maple Shade Farm

Videographer: Next Adventure Films

DJ: DJ Pat Del Rosario

Florist: Abby – Maple Shade Farm

Cake: Cakes by Maryann

Makeup: Ashtyn McMichael

Hair: Jill Acker Smith

Bridal Gown: Lambs Hill Bridal Boutique

Grooms suit: Prom and Wedding

Donuts: Heaven on Main St.

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