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Lexi + Matt (Oswego, NY Engagement)

Meet Lexi + Matt! I met these two at a cute park in Oswego, NY. When I first arrived I was a little concerned because a giant fog mass was covering the entire park. You couldn’t even see lake Ontario! I had never seen anything like this and didn’t know it was a thing. Luckily there were a group of women nearby so I asked what the scoop was. They told me it was just a weird weather phenomenon that happened on Lake Ontario and it had been crystal clear up until a half hour to my arriving. HOW LUCKY AM I? I seriously thought we would have to cancel and I would have to make the two hour trek to Oswego another day. BUT! The fog cleared up just as fast as it moved in and we got to shooting.These two were so much fun to work with. Lexi has such a great laugh and I loved capturing it. In Oswego there’s this super massive breakwall that separates the park and lake Ontario. At the end there’s a little light house. I was all about going out there but was informed that it was actually illegal and even though plenty of locals have made the trek, it definitely would be too risky of an adventure.

Fun fact about me! I love a good tree and I have certain favorite trees around the area. Like the one on the Genny golf course in Greene that looks like Grandmother Willow or the one in Vestal near the high school that’s just so massive and gorgeous. Sycamores are my FAVORITE. I literally LOVE neat trees. And yeah guys, sometimes I hug them. So finding THIS tree was extra exciting for me. It was made for sitting by the water and special moments like this one.
Just look how beautiful those branches are!

Detail shots are so much fun to take. I love finding ways to display engagement rings when I’m shooting. I found this perfect little patch of mushrooms and asked my clients “How do you guys feel about mushrooms?” I think the answer was along the lines of indifferent and quietly thinking I’m a giant nerd BUT LOOK AT THIS SHOT GUYS! It’s like something out of a fairy tale and the composition is straight up DREAMY.
These two just being their cute selves.I loved capturing how Lexi and Matt interact with each other. They’re so playful and photographing them was cake work. I basically just had to tell them to be themselves and interact like I wasn’t there and they did the rest. This is probably my most favorite shot from the day. This giant heart is perfection for an engagement session and I love capturing the enormity of the lake behind them. Who else is getting engaged in Oswego because I would love to shoot here again!Lexi and Matt are getting married on October 10th of this year and I can’t wait to spend this special day with them.

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