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Surprise proposal at Animal Adventure!

I’m so excited to share David and Nicole’s story!!!! It involves 4 feet of snow, a VERY nervous fiancé to be, a couple of sloths, some very cute penguins and a slightly neurotic armadillo.
When David contacted me and told me what he wanted to do, I was thrilled! David wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Nicole, but he wanted to do it in a really unique way. They had been to visit Animal Adventure in the past and had already spent some time with the penguins because Nicole LOVES penguins. (Can you blame her? Look at this cute little face below!) David’s idea was to book a private painting session where the penguins could surprise his girlfriend with a canvas that said “Marry Me?” (Yeah…David sets the bar for all future proposal guys. TAKE SOME NOTES.) The romantic in me swooned so when we got hit with 4 feet of snow and David suggested changing the plan up I knew there was nothing I could ever suggest that would beat penguins. (PENGUINS!!! – Please picture me screaming that.) Animal Adventure had already closed its doors for the weekend due to the storm but thankfully (because they’re the best people, EVER) they agreed to allow us to continue with our plans. So I showed up early and got to spend a little time with these unique individuals. They followed me around the room, tried to eat my camera strap and attempted to tangle themselves up in the hem of the long dress I was rocking for the surprise proposal. They were like little goofy kids all pining for attention. I always thought penguins were alright. They’re pretty cute I guess. I appreciated them as much as one can for not really knowing a whole lot. But now I’m a huge fan. Animal Adventure and these three little darlings have forever changed me. Ok, enough about me. David and Nicole show up and they’re told that I’m Animal Adventures PR photographer and thank you so much for allowing me to hang out and take pictures for the website. Seriously. That’s who I am. I do this all the time. I don’t even care that much. Just a normal day at Animal Adventure for me. (Inside my heart is doing fast little bump bump bumps and at one point David glances over at me and I send him a solid WINK because buddy, you’re about to make this woman the happiest she’s probably ever been. Nicole too! {Har, har. See what I did there?} I am thrilled to capture what’s about to go down.)We learn some fun facts. The penguins are thoroughly amused and delighted with the company and nothing seems out of the ordinary. Our wonderful host prepares us for the painting session which she explains is done by using non-toxic paint that easily washes off the penguin feet. All she has to do is flip that canvas over…(notice David reaching into his coat…)
AND HERE WE GO! Nicole’s reaction was ADORABLE. Best reaction ever!!!! And then David states “Oh yeah, and Jen’s with us.” Gotchaaaaaaaa!!!! Oh, she said yes by the way.
I was super curious as to how you get penguins to paint. It’s mostly bribery and cute penguin feet. Such a cool memento for one of the best days, ever!
We also got to visit with this little armadillo who spent his time running in circles around the tree where the sloths live. At one point he dove into a box and dug ferociously into the corner without making any progress for a solid few minutes. Kind of a nut job but he’s precious. Afterwards the staff was nice enough to let us run around and take a few pictures with the lights. Because of the recent snow storm a lot of lights were buried and not working but we did find some and they made for the prettiest pictures.Nicole kept doing these cute little happy dances. I love seeing people this happy.These two have yet to establish a wedding date but soon we’ll be doing their official engagement photos and I’m so excited to spend more time with them. Stay tuned!

Also, a HUGE thank you to Animal Adventure for being incredible hosts and for doing all the things to bring awareness to our animal friends.

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